Chapter One: Rock and a Hard Place

On the entire cosmic scale of the universe, the last thing you’d expect to have an intense existential crisis (at least in my opinion) would be a rock. See when you thing rock words like solid and unyielding come to mind not deep thinking or profoundly thoughtful in regards to the world around it. The crazy thing about a rock think is that they don’t even have brains, so like how does that even work…. does it imply that we are more than just flesh and mana? I hope to one day study these thinking stones I’ve heard so much about…..

– Excerpt from the journal of The Last Archmagus

When the rock awoke it was confused. not because it was in a different location than it was previously (though it couldn’t even comprehend movement before it woke up). It wasnt that it was capable of feeling a strange energy in the air around it. No it was confused because it was awake in the first place, see being a rock it didn’t think about much before it awoke, in fact it wouldn’t be a stretch to say it didn’t think at all prior to its awakening.

Now that the rock thought about it, how was it thinking in words in the first place? It’s never heard words before, and how would it? It was a rock for Godfrey’s sake! and who was Godfrey anyway? and wh-

“I am Godfrey little friend.”

The rock was (understandably) startled when it heard a voice in its mind? The rock then thought about how it was possible to hear something in its mind when it didn’t technically have a brain. or ears. or anything useful.

“I gave you a spirit little friend, that is why you can think, but I do apologise if it has caused you some undue stress.”

While the rock was still confused, it didn’t harbor any undue animosity towards Godfrey, though it did wonder how it could hear his(does Godfrey even have a gender? he is a god after all) thoughts as it didn’t have a language it thought in.

“That was also me little friend, I gave you a [Gift Of Knowledge] so you would understand the wold you live in. you can even ‘vocalize’ your thoughts with it. Try to say ‘status’, it should make things a lot clearer for you little friend.”

The rock was skeptical but decided to try it anyway, what was the worst that could happen.



{ | Name: <N/A>| Species: SoulRock| Age: 1 day | }

{ | HP:100/100 | MP:49/50 | }

{ |Attributes| }

{ | STR:1| DEX:1| END:25| INT:11| WIS:13|CHR:11 | }

{ |Title(s)| }

{ |[Gift of Knowledge] [Transcendant]| }

{ |Skill(s)| }

{ |<N/A>| }

“What do you think little friend, do you understand now, you can respond the same way you spoke the [status] spell.”

I… Don’t understand what any of that meant.”


Please explain what that was supposed to do to help me.”

“Hmmm.. this is taking longer than I thought, I wanted to watch the Crymerian tournament today…. Ah! I know, I’ll just send a mentor your way and give you a skill or two so you can understand them.”


“Now lets see…. this one should do, [Gift of Might]!”

{ |You have earned the Skill: [Shift form]| }

“that should be enough to get you started in this world.”

“Wait.. What?”

“Good luck my little friend, I’ll give you one last thing so you can adjust properly. [Gift of Name].


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