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Victor scooped up the knife just as the creature pounced on to where he was a moment before and stopped. It reared up on its hind legs and slammed his sharp fore-legs into the floor. Victor began to back away in horror as the creature began to pull back its rooted arms, he could hear popping sounds as bones were pulled out of there sockets, ad he could see its skin stretch like elastic as it pulled itself further away.

On instinct Victor began to bring his arm up, pressing the spring to open the folding knife in his hand, and just as he began the creature launched forward. Using the elasticity of its skin to throw itself forward, its mouth wide open and ready to swallow the entire 14-centimeter knife down its maw.

Victor and the thing screamed at each other, one out of pain and fury, one with fear and desperation. Quickly so it couldn’t stab his hand with its reaching mandibles, he dropped the knife and jumped back as the thing landed on the floor and began to flail aimlessly. Still terrified but no longer screaming, Victor watched as the creature spasmed less and less until (eventually) it stopped moving altogether.

What the fuck is going on, Victor thought as he cautiously approached the dead thing. noting now how it had a 6-centimeter long thin horn, slick with blood jutting from the right side of its head, also how it had no hair and skin pale and glistening with sweat.

the whirling sound got louder.

after a moment to collect himself, Victor reached down and pulled his knife from the creature and slowly his adrenaline begins to fade as the pain in his shoulder began to come back to the forefront of his mind. looking down over his shoulder, he realized that the thing must have flung itself at him horn-first before he managed to smack it off. But not before it had stabbed half the length of is horn into the meat of his shoulder, nearly touching the bone.

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All Victor heard was a high pitched squeal before a weight slammed into his shoulder, slamming him into the ground. Reaching in panic, Victor felt his hand grasp the hilt of his knife just before a white-hot pain erupted from his right shoulder. Victor flailed in pain, causing his knife to fly out of his hand down the aisle behind him. He lashed out wildly at the thing on his shoulder, managing to knock it off him. But as Victor focused on the creature, he felt the blood drain from his face.


It was about 2 feet tall, quadrupedal with arachnid-esque forelegs and cloven hindlegs, like a goat or a horse. Its thin pale skin hung loosely on its frame, but the skin on its face was very tight, it resembles a primate in general features, a shallow brow ridge and two slits for a nose, it had mandibles jutting out of a mouth slightly too large.


Bile crept up to his mouth as he stared at the foul creature in front of him, unsure what to do as it began to creep backward behind the checkstand. A quick glance showed that his pocket knife was about 2 meters away, a quick sprint would get him there in moments. The creature was just about to pass behind the checkstand when it stopped and started to stab its spear-like forelegs into the linoleum tile. 

Fear spiked in the back of his mind. It’s now or never, he thought as he turned to sprint towards the knife.

The creature did not like that at all as it tore its legs out of the ground to pursue.

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Chapter I: Fear thy Place.

Victor awoke screaming. Fear and pain warred across his senses as he scrambled to his feet, his throat becoming sore from the continued terror-filled screams. Then all at once, the pain and fear passed. Victor took a shaky breath as his senses returned and with it this instinct to move. He was unsure where but he knew he needed to move away from where he was now.

As he took in his surrounding for the first time, a thought popped into his head ‘Where am I?’ then it occurred to him as he stared at the stretching aisles of produce. He was in the middle of his local MegaMart. Feeling something on his feet, Victor looked down to see his black messenger bag laying open, a large leather tome and a rather large pink pocket knife spilled out.

He reached down to put them back in the bag when a feeling hit him.


Scrambling, Victor threw the book back into the bag and clipped the knife on to his leather belt as he ran towards the exit.

As he ran past the cashier stands towards the sliding door, the fear that plagued his awakening began to creep back into focus. As he rounded the last stand in front of the glass exit door thought about where he was going to go when he got out of the floor, it was at that moment he realized he had no idea where he had been before he woke up next to the cabbages.

Unfortunately for Victor, he was so focused on his lack of memory that he failed to notice horrifying creature preparing to pounce on him from on top of a stack of a nearby tower of soda boxes.